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Driving Listener Retention

SiriusXM is a leading audio entertainment company that provides a subscription streaming service consisting of music, podcasts, and other forms of listening content for screens and in-vehicle experiences.


User Experience Designer


June - August 2019


Andrew Leitch




UX Design
UI Design
Visual Design


A majority of listeners view SiriusXM as solely an in-car radio, leading to a significant drop-off in users who listen via the mobile and desktop applications.


I redesigned the 'Free Preview' experience with integrated CTAs that spotlight features exclusive to the SiriusXM app to boost free trial conversion rate.


To learn more about users' experiences with the current mobile streaming app, I analyzed and pulled insights from guided usability tests of the onboarding experience that were previously conducted by the Streaming Experience Research team.

I focused on finding evidence of features users enjoyed uniquely within SiriusXM's streaming application, specific content they gravitated towards, and any roadblocks preventing them from finding their desired content.

From my analysis of the usability tests, I learned that...

SiriusXM is the listener's one-stop shop.

Listeners appreciate the ease of being able to access music, video, and podcast streaming content all on one app.
Listeners enjoy SiriusXM's curated content as it accurately matches their taste and feels unique to the individual.

To engage more long-term listeners with the streaming application and retain interest in the platform outside of the vehicle, I determined that the design solution should:

Be Transparent

The first point of interaction during the 'Free Preview' experience is the 'For You' feed where all content needs to be organized with clear sections, headers and sub-headers so listeners immediately understand where and how to find the entertainment of their choosing.

Be Experience-Driven

Refocusing CTAs to emphasize SiriusXM's mission of bringing streamable content right to listeners' devices will help bridge the gap between the experience of using the app and onboarding to the paid subscription.

Redesigning the introductory interactions users have with the streaming application provides an opportunity to improve first impressions and better highlight the unique features of the platform.

Redesigning the mobile UI affords a more in-depth view into the unique streaming features.

Listeners can more easily immerse themselves into SiriusXM's streaming platform during the "Free Preview" experience, ideally with lessened pressure to have to onboard to a paid subscription immediately.


We integrated actionable banners into the web interface to boost desktop app downloads.

With these banners, we aimed for a manageable level of visual disruption that blends seamlessly with the original UI, where users can easily perform all interactions while maintaining a constant subconscious awareness of the banner and its purpose.


Mobile "Free Preview" Experience

Utilizing SiriusXM's new design system, I created the final designs with added visual and textual content that further emphasized SiriusXM's audio experience.

Mobile-App-FINAL-2 Mobile-App-FINAL-1

Desktop CTA Banner Integration

Working within SiriusXM's responsive design system, I designed the final version of the banner for each aspect ratio that different devices utilize.


The impact on the product and on me.

With the work I completed at SiriusXM, I assisted in:

Increasing conversion rates of 'free trial' users to the paid subscription model

Boosting clicks and user engagement with the streaming application on mobile and desktop platforms
Improving listeners' first impressions using the mobile streaming application

Furthermore, my time at SiriusXM allowed me to experience the nuanced workflow of designing for both user needs and business objectives. With each design iteration, I learned how these requirements can intersect and diverge. My experience at SiriusXM taught me how to develop solutions that navigate the middle ground, where simple design choices can significantly enhance both user experience and business metrics.

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